Skin expert examining a petri dish


At Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, we are uniquely positioned to help improve personal health by delivering products that are rooted in science and endorsed by professionals. We push the boundaries of innovation, harness the power of data and relentlessly strive to advance our understanding of the human body, so we can help people take better care of themselves and their loved ones. Our broad Skin Health portfolio provides the best care for skin, using next-generation science to ensure radiance and protection every day, throughout a person’s life. 

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We know that skin health is the expression of your overall health, and it can be different for everyone. Our science, combined with a deep understanding of how we live each day and how we recover at night, will deliver to you healthy and beautiful skin. Our iconic brands help more than 1.2 billion people live healthier lives every day, and we aspire to help them do so from the very first day they start using our products. This is our mission, our passion and our greatest responsibility.